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Midnight Madness

I don’t know about you, but I love to walk at night. It’s a time when you’re not going to encounter (m)any walkers, and the only decision you have to make is, “Which way should we go tonight,” for you have endless possibilities! You’re not the only one that loves these walks either! Dogs are going to love the freedom, and you don’t have to worry about cars racing through the neighborhood or other dogs to impress.

Though the best time to go for a ‘midnight run’ is during winter whilst it’s snowing, any month will do. The only problem during summer that I have, is that the bugs are starting to come out, oh how I love those, and with bugs come bats. Not just the bat you see flying high in the sky, no, the bat that is going to chase you, the kind that circles you & comes so close to your face you squeal! Although I haven’t seen any response from the dogs, I’m sure if they realized what was going on, they’d want to chase it down the neighborhood. Midnight walks also bring out your nerves. You never really know if someone’s out there watching you, or who’s behind that rustling bush. This is where you’ll get your exercise, for once you hear that branch break you book it so fast that your dog will struggle to keep up.

Sure they may not be the wisest things in the world, but eh, you only live once right? So why not spend those extra hours, that would normally be spent watching some boring television show, or answering emails from people you really could care less about, with your dog instead. They are the ones that will appreciate it & I can promise you they wont judge, your neighbors may, but definitely not your dog.

Do you have any strange habits?