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Midnight Madness

I don’t know about you, but I love to walk at night. It’s a time when you’re not going to encounter (m)any walkers, and the only decision you have to make is, “Which way should we go tonight,” for you have endless possibilities! You’re not the only one that loves these walks either! Dogs are going to love the freedom, and you don’t have to worry about cars racing through the neighborhood or other dogs to impress.

Though the best time to go for a ‘midnight run’ is during winter whilst it’s snowing, any month will do. The only problem during summer that I have, is that the bugs are starting to come out, oh how I love those, and with bugs come bats. Not just the bat you see flying high in the sky, no, the bat that is going to chase you, the kind that circles you & comes so close to your face you squeal! Although I haven’t seen any response from the dogs, I’m sure if they realized what was going on, they’d want to chase it down the neighborhood. Midnight walks also bring out your nerves. You never really know if someone’s out there watching you, or who’s behind that rustling bush. This is where you’ll get your exercise, for once you hear that branch break you book it so fast that your dog will struggle to keep up.

Sure they may not be the wisest things in the world, but eh, you only live once right? So why not spend those extra hours, that would normally be spent watching some boring television show, or answering emails from people you really could care less about, with your dog instead. They are the ones that will appreciate it & I can promise you they wont judge, your neighbors may, but definitely not your dog.

Do you have any strange habits?



We all imagine our adorable animals sitting by the fire, delicately chewing on their fresh new toy, but that’s just delusional! Most of us have figured out that dogs are difficult to buy toys for; there’s a science to it. Sure that squeaky turtle seems like the perfect thing, but guess what, you’re wrong! That little squeaker will be out in seconds, fluff will be hanging from Fido’s jowls,¬† and once he’s finished, the flat, hole-filled turtle will be left in the centre of the room, surrounded by remnants of what used to be his cuteness.

The gimmicks in stores amuse me. Sure they’re fun to squeeze until the manager glares you down, or when you launch them down the isles, but really they’re only going to be fun for you, or an old dog that needs a new pillow. We have the loud squeakers that will grab your dog’s attention quicker than a squirrel, but that’s not necessarily the best thing once they grow curious to where this annoying sound is coming from. Balls, sure it’s the go-to thing. Dogs love balls, right? Well yeah, but it takes time to find the right ball. Most balls will grow massive holes for some odd reason, or are just plain too hard to get any joy from. If you have a dog like mine, she loves to rip the fabric around those colourful animal looking things instantly! The most recent attraction seems to be the ‘flying squirrel’ & other variants. Fun right? I suppose maybe if your dog doesn’t have teeth or is as gentle as a duckling, but for the most part they aren’t. Their teeth will dig holes, and of course they will start with the tag! It’s rather amusing once you deal with the fact that the toy just wont last, so you decide to play tug-of-war with what’s left of the stretchy arms and all!

Now for the great toys that should, in theory, last forever! Kongs seems to be the most popular toy at the moment! Though I haven’t seen anyone buy those massive Kongs the size of boat buoys. Those just seem excessive. The small ones are lifesavers for the owner of the dog that’s teething or has enough pent up energy to chew through a wall. I can’t find a way to explain the next toy… It’s an odd squishy, foamish feeling ball that never seems to rip. They seem to last a long time, withstanding dog vs. dog tug-o-war fights, days in the pool, and just everyday chewing. An old ball, this you may have overlooked. We have an old football that the dogs love to fight over, running until they both collapse of exhaustion. These old things are great & cheap, and it really doesn’t matter if they gain holes because for some odd reason they fill back up with air!? This is greatly entertaining for the animals!


What’s your chew toy gone wrong experience?

Snow Dogs

The fresh dusting, slowly piling up to a couple feet. You rub your eyes in disbelief but it’s really there! You let the dog out, rip the door open and whilst maintaining your balance, you & your canine run barefoot/leashless out into the massive amount of overnight snow. You’re the happiest you’ve been in a long time, seeing your pup race through the powder, kicking up a trail wherever she goes.

Dogs are hilarious in snow. I don’t know about you, but I’m the type that when they see the first snowflake falling, our heart skips a beat. Once winter comes along, we can’t wait for the first day of snow. What makes this wonderful substance even better is that our dogs love it too! One of the odd things my dog does is that she loves to eat snowballs. It’s an interesting experience playing fetch with a snowball when there’s a couple feet of snow on the ground I must tell you… The dogs just love to eat it though, and I’m the type of person that loves to have that perfect yard, where there’s not one footprint out of place, where the snow is left pure & untouched. Except on occasion I have been known for breaking this habit and tearing up the yard with my canine companions. I’m sure the neighbors have questioned me as they sit in their warm house behind their perfectly untouched yard with their “perfect” driveway that was shoveled ten minutes after the snow had started falling;but who’s going to stop this stampede of fun?!

Walks in the snow are an unforgettable experience. You have your trail walks where you can take your perfect photos, race through the slightly dusted wonderland, or just embrace the mystical world as you slowly pace yourself & your psychotic animal… Orrrrr you can test your luck by running through the streets, racing your off-leash dogs, and doing an electric slide move every couple of seconds! These are the moments to remember. The times that you were able to have a blast in a neighborhood full of different walkers, but you’re lucky because you know that nobody likes snow in this neighborhood. Psh, who would like complete silence (sans our joyous yelps) at 4:00 AM, or running through those perfectly untouched lawns. Blasphemy! We’re lucky to have such boring neighbors, for if we didn’t, we might have a competition to ruin those perfect lawns or to see who can stay up the longer!

What’s your snow dog tale?

Those Voices

You’ve done them, don’t lie. We all have! You’ll be on the couch, the dog will be rummaging in the kitchen, and you let out some outrageously awkward, high-pitched call, and of course they will come running in like any other time. Sometimes if you’re lucky, you’ll get the confused, side-cocked head look, but you keep babbling on as if you make sense. I bet they think we’re crazy… maybe you think I’m crazy; but I for one love to do this.

It’s as if she understands me better when I talk like a lunatic! I’ll start, she tilts her head, I continue on, she barks, and it could go on forever! It’s funny how serious they take it as well. You can go from high-pitched-happy-voice, to deep-dark-you-know-what-you-did-voice, and how they react is so…instant. They whine, they play-growl, and crouch down on their paws & knees only to spring back up to try to sneak a lick in. Now you’ve started something. Once she gets into this sudden-spring mode, everyone knows that it doesn’t stop there. You hear that tear of the carpet, that sound of claws sliding along the kitchen floor, and the galloping of a thousand horses stampeding behind you. She’s gone crazy & you can only counter crazy with more crazy, obviously.

You decide to take it outside, only for the well-being of others, but right as you open the door, she leaps down the staircase, almost taking out your legs, and sprints out of sight. The second you take one step out, she’s already made a lap of the house. Have you ever jumped with a dog? No, not that jumping. I’m talking about jumping on a trampoline with your K9 companion. If not, oh you’re missing out. Only if I could replace the whole backyard with a trampoline, I might have more of a chance at the battle that’s about to go down. Dogs go crazy on trampolines. You jump around them, teasing & laughing at their attempts to get you, but right as they are about to tackle your legs, you jump straight over them and they almost run straight off the side! Wait…. did you hear that? Is that more paws I hear digging divots in the pavement only to run faster? I think someone’s getting jealous of all the fun and has to make a running leap on to the trampoline. If one dog was crazy, can you picture two? Oh, one suggestion if you do decide to try this out… for some reason, dogs tend to grow a disliking for socks in these situations;keep them in your wardrobe. You’ll end up winning the battle. The dogs will end up with a new reason to fight, & all because you had to do your silly voices…!

How do your dogs respond to crazy voices?


Sometimes you have those days… Those days that nothing seems to be going right. Those days that just draaag on forever it seems. Those days are when the good things in life shine. The good things like the sound of rain hitting the gutter, overflowing into a waterfall, streaming down onto the pavement. When you go outside to let the dog out, and all you can hear is frogs croaking and crickets chirping

As you go out to walk the dog, you’re still feeling aloof, but you start to notice something. She’s actually behaving…? She walks beside you, picking up a random stick every now & then, but still, she’s actually behaving! A grin creeps across your face. This, this is amazing. You feel accomplished. You feel like you’re on top of the world, and you want this walk to never end. As you carry on, focusing less on the dog, WHACK! She picked up a 5 foot /log/ and tried to run ahead of you, but little does she know, she almost knocked you down the hill! You laugh and giggle, and she does it again & again, but you still smirk.

The walk soon ends, you come home happy, and you’re little buddy still wants to play. If you’re interested, but of course you are, you’re going to lay on the ground playing with all her toys. Tug-o-war, fetch, and just the regular fun stuff goes on. Sometimes it takes a day like that to really notice the bright side of things. Take down the protective bubble, and be free. Have blast!

Ever have a day like that?