Hilarious relatable stories about dogs


Why Dogs?

Why would I EVER want a dog? After hearing about the holes in the ground, the yellow carpet stains, and don’t forget about those dogs at 5 in the morning howling for attention. This may be for some, maybe most dogs, but there is a bright side. We all went through it, and even though you may feel alone & embarrassed, the next dog walker you pass will most likely admit it too.

Those temporary disasters don’t last forever, and by the time you put the new door up and hide the holes in the deck, you’ll know what’s wrong. We all have to give our dogs attention, and though you may just want to hide him/her or even yourself in the basement, that wont solve anything… for long.

Those are only a part of the fun of dogs! When you’re reading good book, or watching a horror film and just as the naive woman decides to go in the basement in nothing but a robe, you feel the wettest, longest, and the creepiest lick on the bottom of your foot causing you to jump & scream! If that wasn’t enough fun, wait until you go back to your childish days. Laying on the ground even though there’s a perfectly fine La-Z-Boy couch dying for your attention. You’re not alone though, lonely dog that you haven’t seen in a while has to craaawl over to you and lay flat on your chest. “Problem?” you can see him ask. No, there isn’t a problem, because right after, you roll over and get comfy.

No, dogs may not be the subtlest of animals, and maybe they are just interested what’s underneath that fresh deck, but they do have their bright sides and this blog is going to invite you into both sides of the story.

Can you relate to these feelings?