Hilarious relatable stories about dogs

Summer Lovin’

The sun can bring the best out of our dogs. It’s an evident change between both the owner & their canine. You notice the extra skip in their step, and the once empty lawn is now filled with balls & family. The summer brings in a whole new batch of stories, the photography will be in abundance, the walkers will multiply with the extra traffic of tourists, and not to mention the extra time you will have will be perfect for noticing all of the quirks in your beloved animal.

The change from a frosty lawn to the balcony that burns your feet is an interesting change to my dogs. The runs seem to go on forever, but end quite quicker due to the dog’s tongue extending farther & farther from her mouth, and her breaths grow louder & louder. Not to worry though, because once we return home she books it for the kiddy-pool, dives in to fulfill her thirst, and after that she crashes into the wall only to bathe in the rays. The summer seems to bring in a long lost love for water, for once the sprinkler goes on, the dogs go nuts! They attack it as if it was their life’s only purpose! We put a spin on this strange habit by throwing it under the trampoline. It’s a blast when they jump on it I must say! The strange loss of balance, the sliding, the jumping, and the never-ending freak behavior has to be a hilarious sight for all! One of the best quirks my dog has is that she loooooves to eat peas. I don’t know if it’s just because it’s food & she’ll eat anything, or the need to be human, but we make her work for it! Whenever we find a pea that isn’t the most desirable or just would be more gratifying feeding to the dog, we throw it into the pool, and without hesitation the dog dives in right after it! I believe we started doing this ‘trick’ to get her familiar with water as a pup, but now it’s purely for entertainment!

The summer months can bring in a great change in our daily routines. We break free from the norm & extend our horizons, and we bring our canines with us on this adventure. The joy that your dog(s) will bring you is extremely gratifying and will give you many memories for the years to come. By the time winter comes, your scrap book will be full, and your next chapter shall begin!

What’s your favorite summer activity?


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