Hilarious relatable stories about dogs

The Sandy Experience

For us fortunate enough to live on or nearby the beach, we know that this is the dog walker’s paradise. Everybody comes to have a good time, exercise, & just relax. Only if this was the case for the common-day dog owner. This is a prime location to test how well you have trained you canine, or just to show off your pup!

The beach is a place to have a blast with your pup, be it the respectful, loved by all fun, or the entertainment you would expect in Marley & Me. The last time I brought my pup to the beach, she met another dog, Harley, about the same age, and you know two puppies on the beach is just bound to be entertaining! So we let them run around, terrorizing whoever crossed their path, as well as  giving some energy to the older dogs wandering around. Oh the picnickers never expected it, but in all the enjoyment the pups had ran through their nice blanket, circled them like a gang, & once we had ‘sensed’ the ladies’ negative energy, we decided to intervene. We felt bad of course, but that all flew out the window when they had to yell out their “advice”. The trip was still an amazing experience and a great way to meet people!

We all have our goals for the perfect time at the beach, just you & your canine. You imagine all those stories of someone surrounded by all the girls, drooling over how adorable his puppy is. This isn’t a hard quest at all when you’re carrying around a cute little pup, but it becomes a challenge once the little hops turn into full on “dances”, and the tugging turns into dragging. Now you would have to work for this dream. You always see that one guy having a blast playing fetch with his dog in the water. You want that, don’t you? Little do you know, you will end up fetching the ball yourself most of the time because hey, your dog just doesn’t want to get wet today!

Even I have my dreams for my canine companion. Eventually I aim for her to be “socially acceptable”. Not jumping or pulling, and not barking at other “socially acceptable” dogs. I could only imagine that picnic scene now, with two big dogs jumping over some old ladies, eating their sandy sandwiches, and playing tug-o-war with their blanket. Now, even though I would enjoy telling that story a tremendous amount, I hope it won’t happen!


What are your canine beach dreams or have you already accomplished them?


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