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Those Voices

You’ve done them, don’t lie. We all have! You’ll be on the couch, the dog will be rummaging in the kitchen, and you let out some outrageously awkward, high-pitched call, and of course they will come running in like any other time. Sometimes if you’re lucky, you’ll get the confused, side-cocked head look, but you keep babbling on as if you make sense. I bet they think we’re crazy… maybe you think I’m crazy; but I for one love to do this.

It’s as if she understands me better when I talk like a lunatic! I’ll start, she tilts her head, I continue on, she barks, and it could go on forever! It’s funny how serious they take it as well. You can go from high-pitched-happy-voice, to deep-dark-you-know-what-you-did-voice, and how they react is so…instant. They whine, they play-growl, and crouch down on their paws & knees only to spring back up to try to sneak a lick in. Now you’ve started something. Once she gets into this sudden-spring mode, everyone knows that it doesn’t stop there. You hear that tear of the carpet, that sound of claws sliding along the kitchen floor, and the galloping of a thousand horses stampeding behind you. She’s gone crazy & you can only counter crazy with more crazy, obviously.

You decide to take it outside, only for the well-being of others, but right as you open the door, she leaps down the staircase, almost taking out your legs, and sprints out of sight. The second you take one step out, she’s already made a lap of the house. Have you ever jumped with a dog? No, not that jumping. I’m talking about jumping on a trampoline with your K9 companion. If not, oh you’re missing out. Only if I could replace the whole backyard with a trampoline, I might have more of a chance at the battle that’s about to go down. Dogs go crazy on trampolines. You jump around them, teasing & laughing at their attempts to get you, but right as they are about to tackle your legs, you jump straight over them and they almost run straight off the side! Wait…. did you hear that? Is that more paws I hear digging divots in the pavement only to run faster? I think someone’s getting jealous of all the fun and has to make a running leap on to the trampoline. If one dog was crazy, can you picture two? Oh, one suggestion if you do decide to try this out… for some reason, dogs tend to grow a disliking for socks in these situations;keep them in your wardrobe. You’ll end up winning the battle. The dogs will end up with a new reason to fight, & all because you had to do your silly voices…!

How do your dogs respond to crazy voices?


4 responses

  1. My dogs love crazy voices. And loud singing that I only perform for them. lol.

    May 30, 2012 at 5:16 pm

    • It’s amazing the satisfaction they get! I could only imagine the crazy looks people would give if they caught us doing them! x)

      May 30, 2012 at 8:11 pm

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