Hilarious relatable stories about dogs


Dog are the oddest creatures. They can be wild animals jumping at everything they see, outstanding role models showing up all other dogs on the block, or the lovable, friendly dog that just wants to suck up to you all day. Unfortunately most of us fall under the first category,  but our dogs redeem themselves in one way or another.

We’ve all tried to teach our dogs to be that scholar of a dog, sitting on command, heeling before your hands lose circulation, and playing dead like the deadest dog you ever did see. Some of which did succeed & made it on to the daily walker list that everybody loves to talk & walk with, and others not so much. Others being those that just haven’t mastered that key concept…patience.

Not to worry though, some dogs pick up their own tricks on the way! One of my dogs, Audi, being the all-star of tricks can do anything you throw at her. She’s just one big ol’ lovable thing, unlike Diesel;the awkward, high jumping, stronger than a stallion, that only works on here own schedule or if cookies are in the equation. They both share one thing in common though; they have many quirky tricks up their sleeves.

Diesel is not the one to show off her behavior. She loves to chew, jump, and dig, but she has used some of these “talents” to her benefit. She loves to eat dandelions. It doesn’t matter if they’re big, small, flowery, or even in that form that you like to blow the seeds everywhere. On occasion, whilst biking through trails, I’ve attempted to go faster just to get her attention off the luscious yellow weeds flourishing inches from her face, but it hasn’t really been successful. We’ll be going as fast as possible, hitting every fly possible, and your heart drops for a second when Diesel stops, bringing the handlebars with her, veering you into the deep, nasty looking ditch, but you recover from it & continue on. Sorry, I kind of turned that positive around!

Audi the all-star loves to run. Though the small, heavy-set body doesn’t appear to agree with her speed, she books it. To get the best out of it, you must run through the trails with her, hoping that nobody is either on the trail, or watching from above, because who knows what what happen if they knew they had such crazy people in the neighborhood. So as I was saying… you first release the beast from the leash, and you run as fast as you can, trying your best to keep your feet on the path, and you hear that thunderous gallop of a thousand horses behind you. You quickly do a shoulder check, but you almost lose balance so you turn back. You didn’t see her & now is the time to worry. The sound gets louder and you try to leave as much space on either side of you as possible, and then it happens. She races past, kicking mud and rocks up in the air, most of which hitting your face, and then it’s over with. She’s gone, probably at the end of the trail for all you know, your heart’s bursting out of your chest, but it’s over with.

Not all dogs are show dogs, but they do have some unique talents. They may be handy like eating nutritious weeds, or just plain old entertaining. We have to notice these things and make the most out of them!

What’s your dog’s quirk?


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