Hilarious relatable stories about dogs


Tails flying, tables falling, barks echoing. It’s apparent to all that dogs just seem to fight over anything. The ball, the attention, the food, anything! My dogs aren’t an exception. Just as you think they’ve calmed down, another problem occurs.

The ball thief, Diesel, will tease Audi until she goes nuts! She circles around, always keeping one eye on Audi. Of course Audi falls into her plans and circles around with her, runs around the house, and tugs at whatever Diesel has. They jump and growl, but finally all manners are out the window. The ball goes flying, barks start echoing, paws are up in the air as they jump on each other, and then come the not-so-dangerous bites. After everyone’s tired of their rustling, they waddle on outside and park themselves in a nice sunny spot. One lays down, the other plants her head on the other’s back, and they stay silent until the next uprising.

It’s almost like our sibling rivalries.


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