Hilarious relatable stories about dogs


We all know dogs love to eat, and mine especially. There’s some dogs you could hold a kibble to there whiskers and they wouldn’t even flinch, but then there’s my dog. Sure you can hand feed her if you want to lose a finger or two, I just wouldn’t advise it.

Every morning I let her out, and as we come in she sits on the stairs oh so patiently, but as you touch her collar to remove the leash, she whips her head back, books it around the corner whilst almost knocking you down, and she runs for the food dish sitting like an angel as if nothing had happened.  Grab a cup full. Watch her spin in circles as if that will get her more. Pour the kibble and watch her drop to the ground on cue. I look at her, she’s still hovering off the ground a little bit, so I wait 5 more seconds and she lowers… Get it I tell her and she does a Scooby Doo run-in-place type maneuver, dashing for the food and she eats it as if it were her last and she had to compete with a million wolves to get it! She scarves it down and of course she has to search all around the room to see if she missed one kibble, but she didn’t so she’ll have to lick the floor just because that makes sense, right?

I don’t understand these dogs that wolf down their meals every time, even though there’s nobody else around or even willing to go near her whilst she feasts. I suppose she will never change and that’s just a part of her “personality”, but geeze it can’t be healthy.

Any advice to those dogs/owners?


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