Hilarious relatable stories about dogs


Sometimes you have those days… Those days that nothing seems to be going right. Those days that just draaag on forever it seems. Those days are when the good things in life shine. The good things like the sound of rain hitting the gutter, overflowing into a waterfall, streaming down onto the pavement. When you go outside to let the dog out, and all you can hear is frogs croaking and crickets chirping

As you go out to walk the dog, you’re still feeling aloof, but you start to notice something. She’s actually behaving…? She walks beside you, picking up a random stick every now & then, but still, she’s actually behaving! A grin creeps across your face. This, this is amazing. You feel accomplished. You feel like you’re on top of the world, and you want this walk to never end. As you carry on, focusing less on the dog, WHACK! She picked up a 5 foot /log/ and tried to run ahead of you, but little does she know, she almost knocked you down the hill! You laugh and giggle, and she does it again & again, but you still smirk.

The walk soon ends, you come home happy, and you’re little buddy still wants to play. If you’re interested, but of course you are, you’re going to lay on the ground playing with all her toys. Tug-o-war, fetch, and just the regular fun stuff goes on. Sometimes it takes a day like that to really notice the bright side of things. Take down the protective bubble, and be free. Have blast!

Ever have a day like that?


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