Hilarious relatable stories about dogs

The Things We Do…

Yes it happens, we do sometimes change our routes on walks, or randomly pretend to tie our shoes just to get an extra couple seconds behind certain people before a trail… It’s not like we don’t like the people… well maybe sometimes they can be a bit chatty, but that’s besides the point.

You’ve been through the pulling, the barking, the jumping, and just the strange people… Sometimes it’s okay to think ahead as you see a couple slowly walk into that trail that you allllways go on. You imagine how funny it would be getting brown, muddy paw prints all over her white pants or his favorite hoodie, but you decide not to… So you do that awkward slow-paced walk to the mouth of the trail, then you just do anything for maybe a minute or two, because you know that once you’re on that trail, you’re going to run so fast that you’ll almost go straight off the side and into the water. Because of the dog? No. Because it’s fun!

You walk along the streets do you? So nowhere to hide basically… Well it’s all fun and games when she’s a cute puppy trying to give the crazy dog lady down the street “hugs & kisses” but when they get older, they don’t seem as cute for some reason… “Can she have a treat” they ask acting like that’ll make the dog quiet and polite… Yeah right! But you say yes, not to be rude or anything, but then it’s time to go.

You decide, “Hey, it’s a nice rainy day, who’s going to be out there?” HA! Little do you know several people are at their doorway just waiting for you two to step outside. Ahhhh the typical routine goes on and you go home the same as always, a little annoyed, still happy, and plotting a new plan of attack.

What’s your best story?


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